We continue to invest in and strengthen our medical technology and professional team. Therefore we invite qualified and experienced medical personnel to join our team in order to build world-class quality and professionalism in Hong Kong’s healthcare service. Our team includes Doctors, Specialists, Registered Chinese Doctors, Registered Nurses, Enrolled Nurses, Ultrasonographer, Radiologists and laboratory technician.

We have a series of hospital-grade diagnostic imaging and laboratory equipment.
All tests are handled by chemists and X-ray technicians with experience working in hospitals.
We use a hospital-grade computer system to monitor all testing procedures and to ensure accurate test results.
Only professional medical personnel are employed to analyze the test results.
If necessary, we refer clients directly to a specialist for further treatment.

· One-stop service centre
· Prompt report turnaround time
· China and Hong Kong Service Hotline
· State of the art technology
· In-house imaging and laboratory equipment
· Special Group package for corporation
· Available WeChat, QQ and WhatsApp


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