Test Introduction

WHO-approved RT-PCR technique is chosen by Medtimes Medical Group to detect the ribonucleic acid (RNA) of the COVID-19 virus by amplifying specific deoxyribonucleic acid (RNA/DNA) fragments.The test is reliable and well-developed since it is manufactured in US and approved by FDA. COVID-19 PCR testing will be conducted by Medtimes Molecular Laboratory, which is a branch under Medtimes Medical Group and successfully obtains the accreditation of HOKLAS ISO 15189. Medtimes Molecular Laboratory is one of the local COVID-19 RT-PCR testing institutions recognized by HKSAR Government, the laboratory is able to issue recognized negative test certificate for both traveling and compulsory-testing purpose.The PCR testing also proves its efficacy and capabilities by passing both SARS-CoV-2 proficiency test of Centre for Health Protection of HKSAR Government and HKU-Pasteur Research Pole.

Travel Restriction

According to the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have issued travel-restrictions, visa-services suspension and quarantine measures to foreign tourists. Travelers are required to show the negative result of COVID-19 Test. Different countries and governments have different requirements for the COVID-19 Test, such as designated specimen types. Since the restrictions may change anytime, the information below is for reference only. Clients should follow the latest information released by the official government of certain countries.Test requirement

Suitable for people who are over the age of 6, especially the following groups:

Medtimes is a Hong Kong SAR Government recognised testing institutions, Government-recognised reports are suitable for compulsory testing, travel to and from the Mainland and Macau.

  •      No walk-in reservation is available in Medtimes clinics. All clients are required to conduct CS after online booking.
         Please make appointment through online booking at least 1 working day in advance for normal PCR test and 2 working days for the Early period testing service.
         Please arrive at the clinic on your appointment time(for sampling collection), otherwise the reporting release time may be affected.
         No cancellation or refund is acceptable once the service is confirmed and paid. If Customer unable to attend the test due to unexpected incident, booked appointments can be re-scheduled through CS only once until 24 hours before initial scheduled appointment.
         Please carefully read this Terms and Conditions before the test.

      Inquires and Booking: 3585 8533

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Points to Note before the test.

    1. Please read thisT&C.
    2. 2. PCR testing requirements may vary with regard to the different purpose (such as travel restrictions in countries or regions) in which the specimens were collected, please check the sample requirement and report validity period before the test.
    3. Preparation before go to collect specimens:
    - Present valid Hong Kong identity cards or other valid identity documents. If you are travelling to Mainland China, Macau or depart from HK, you also need to bring along the document required for entry to your destination. (e.g. Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents, passport or other travel document).
    - Nasal and Throat Swabs specimens Collection: Please avoid using nasal spray within 10 hours before your appointment.

    How will I receive my PCR test report?

    SMS notification will be sent out when report is ready, please go to https://www.medtimes.com.hk/report.html enter customer name and report number for check or download the test report. (The report release time may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, the sample quality problem needs to be re-sampled and tested. Therefore, we recommend outbound travelers reserve sufficient time to complete the test and allow ample time before the flight departure. Medtimes will not have or accept any liability, obligation or responsibility whatsoever for any delay, including claims for damages due to inability to travel or work.)

    Any testing services for enterprises or institutions?

    We are providing PCR service for Enterprises and private organizations, please call CS hotline 3585 8533or send an email to cs@medtimes.com.hk for enquiries.

    - More Questions -

    Related Information







    科興 Sinovac


    二針 (第二針需相隔至少28天)


         香港以外就讀的學生(16歲或以上) *科興疫苗只適用於18歲或以上人士


         對「克爾來福」或其他滅活疫苗;或「克爾來福」疫苗中的任何成分 (活性*或非活性成分*,或生產工序中使用的任何物質)有過敏史
         過往發生過疫苗嚴重過敏反應者(如急性過敏反應、 血管神經性水腫、呼吸困難等)
         患有嚴重神經系統疾病者(如橫貫性脊髓炎、 格林巴利綜合症、脫髓鞘疾病等)

    * 包括:滅活的新型冠狀病毒(CZ02株)、氫氧化鋁佐劑、磷酸氫二鈉十二水合物、 磷酸二氫鈉一水合物、氯化鈉。




    -優先接種組別證明(如適用;包括:僱員證、委任證、政府部門或其合約承辦商發出的身份證明信件、牌照、僱主信); 30歲或以上人士只須出示身份證明文件



     查詢及預約: 3585 8533

    2019冠狀病毒IgG抗體檢測針對免疫蛋白球G (IgG)檢驗血液中的新冠肺炎抗體,從而得知疫苗注射後的免疫反應或有否曾感染新冠病毒 。此測試有100%的敏感性及99.6%的特異性,更已獲美國FDA批准,現時全球多個國家亦正採用此測試,準確可靠。


    確認疫苗注射後的免疫反應 (建議於接種疫苗第二針後,待三星期後再進行抗體測試)
    有否曾感染新冠病毒 (抗體會於感染後兩星期產生)





    產品編碼 測試名稱 樣本要求 測試需時 (工作天) 檢測費用
    CV19AB SARS-CoV-2 Spike Antibody Testing (Quantitative) 3mL EDTA採血管 x 1 1-2 天




    完成測試後,有機會獲免費骨質密度檢查 (DEXA) 乙次骨質密度檢查優惠券乙張


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