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What is Liver Fibrosis?

Liver fibrosis is the chronic damage to the liver caused by various causes, leading the cells in the liver to form fibrous scarring, which can progress to cirrhosis in severe cases.

Causes of Liver Fibrosis

According to studies, one-quarter of Hong Kong people have fatty liver, and more than 70% of diabetic patients have fatty liver issues. Since most patients with fatty liver have no apparent symptoms, it is difficult to detect, and fatty liver is frequently discovered only through routine checkups. If fatty liver is left ignored, it may cause liver inflammation and scarring, as well as cirrhosis and even liver cancer. Although it takes 10 to 15 years for steatohepatitis to progress to cirrhosis; once cirrhosis occurs, it is difficult to reverse. Therefore, early detection of fatty liver is critical.

Examination Precautions

1. This test is only available in Tsim Sha Tsui Medtimes Medical Services Centre.
2. You need to fast for at least 3 hours before the test, and you can drink water.
3. Customers are required to provide BMI (height and weight).
4. This test does not include doctor explaining report.

The following people are not suitable for FibroScan® 

1) People who are pregnant
2) People who are implanted with pacemaker/defibrillator
3) People who are suffering from ascites


完成測試後,有機會獲免費骨質密度檢查 (DEXA) 乙次骨質密度檢查優惠券乙張


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