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Vaccination against measles = protection for life?

Measles was included in the "Hong Kong Childhood Immunization Program" in Hong Kong as early as 1967. As a result, the majority of Hong Kong residents under the age of 50 have been immunized against measles or have had measles and have immunity in their bodies. People who have been immunized against measles have long-term immunity, however they may not be everlasting!

The measles virus causes this highly contagious disease. It is spread through droplets in the air or through direct contact with the patient's nasal and throat secretions. Infected people can spread the disease to others from 4 days before to 4 days after the rash appears. Incubation lasts 7-18 days on average, however it can last up to 21 days. Fever, cough, runny nose, red and swollen eyes, and white patches in the mouth are the first signs. Erythema will form on the skin after 3-7 days, commonly spreading from the face to the entire body, and will typically last 4-7 days, but may last up to 3 weeks. Severe cases can harm the respiratory system, digestive systems, or brain, and possibly cause death.

The following groups are at risk of not having adequate measles protection:

-People who have had immune system illnesses (cancer, AIDS) may lose immunity to measles.
-Those who have only received one dose of measles vaccine may experience a loss in immunity over time.
-Non-Hong Kong-born new immigrants or workers who have not been immunized against measles
-People born in Hong Kong between 1967 and 1977 do not have adequate immunity.
If a pregnant woman becomes infected with measles, there is a risk of early delivery, miscarriage, or miscarriage.

If you have long-term immune-compromising conditions, are unsure whether you have been fully vaccinated, or are pregnant or attempting to conceive, you should consider testing for measles antibodies in your body.

Measles Antibody Test

Check for measles antibodies in serum to see if there is sufficient measles resistance.

Importance of Measles Antibodies:

- Recognize your body's response to measles.
- Determine whether or not you need to re-vaccinated,If the test results are negative, you must take extra precautions and re-vaccinate as soon as possible.
- Protect the health of family and friends.

Suitable for

。Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.
。Those who are getting married.
。New worker or immigrant.
。People who have not been immunized or have never had measles. 
。Unvaccinated toddler / unvaccinated child.
。People who have lost immunity to measles due to disease or medication.

Test Details

Test Code Test Name Specimen Requirement Turn Around Time (Working Day) Price (HKD)
MEAB Measles Antibody 3mL CB 3-5


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