Before Check Up

1.Get sufficient sleep the night before check up.

2.Have a balanced diet the night before check up,do not eat food with strong taste or stimulating (such as strong tea or alcohol).

3.Fast for at least 8 hours before the check up. During the period, eating is not allowed. It is ok to drink moderate amount of water and stay relax.

4.Gynecologic & urinary examination is not suitable during menstrual period.

5.Loose casual clothes are recommended to be worn on the day of check up.

6.Medication (eg. blood pressure or cardiac), can be taken as usual, except for Antidiabetics.

7.Please inform clinic staff if you are pregnant or suspecting of pregnancy. Some check up items may not be suitable/allowed, such as s-ray or pap-smear etc.

8.Check up process usually takes 1 - 2 hours (registration and waiting time included), please reserve enough time.

Blood Test

1.For testing glucose and blood lipids, fasting for at least 8 hours is needed before the check up.

2.Please inform clinic staff for history of hemophobia or needle phobia before the test.

3.Gently press against the wound for 3-5 minutes after the test.

Blood Pressure,Resting ECG,Treadmill Exercise Stress Test

1.Strenuous exercise is not suitable before measuring blood pressure.

2.Keep calm and avoid doing strenuous exercise before taking Resting ECG.

3.Sports wear is recommended to be worn when taking Treadmill Exercise Stress Test.

4.If you are taking medication regularly, kindly inform staff when making the appointment.

Ultrasound Scanning

1.For Ultrasound Scanning of Upper Abdomen, Full Abdomen or Gallbladder, fasting for at least 8 hours is needed before the check up.

2.For Ultrasound Scanning of Pelvis, Prostate or Bladder, bladder must be full, please drink at least 4 glasses of water before the check up.

X-Ray Examination, Imaging & Mammography

1.If you are pregnant or suspecting of pregnancy, x-ray, plain film, imaging & mammography is not allowed.

2.Do not apply skin care products, make up or deodorant during mammography.

3.If contrast media is to be applied during Intravenous Urography (IVU), fasting for at least 4 hours is needed before the check up.

Pap Smear (Female)

1.Avoid intravaginal drugs 1 week before the check up. Avoid vaginal douching or having sexual intercourse 1 day before the check up.

2.This test is not suitable during / 3 days before / 7 days after menstrual cycle.

Fluids Sample Collection

1.Fluids include urine, secretion, semen, stool etc. Fresh sample yields accurate result.

2.Mid-stream urine is recommended; Different parts of the stool is recommended, sample size like peanut to be put inside a clean container, avoid contact with flushing water. Sample should be kept under room temperature and submit to clinic within 24 hours.

3.Semen should be collected by oneself at clinic (do not collect sample by using condom). Avoid sexual intercourse at least 3 days before examination. Fresh sample within 1 - 2 hour is recommended, should be kept under room temperature, should not be refrigerated.

4.Secretion will be collected by our clinic staff. Secretion includes HVS, usually for routine testing or Chlamydia examination.


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